Bespoke Game Designs 

Norris Box can custom design an escape game to fit your brief.  We aim to be innovative, producing products with their own unique twists on the escape game concept.

Physical games that we have designed in the past have ranged from 5 minute, single puzzle, promo boxes to 90 minute, multiple puzzle path experiences.  We can also make duplicates of your design so you can accommodate multiple teams playing simultaneously.  Some of the games we have designed in the past for multiple teams have had co-operative goals, others have been competitive.  

Norris Box also has experience developing games that can be played on mobile phones using GPS technology and also browser based games.

Every game that we design is unique and tailored to our clients.  

Services we offer:

  • Overall game design and build

  • Individual puzzle design and build

  • Game flow consultancy

  • Story development

  • Play testing

  • Staff training

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