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What area do you serve?

We cover a 35 mile radius from Leeds/Bradford airport


How long does it take?

The main game box itself will take an hour.  You should also allow fifteen minutes at the beginning for a briefing session.  You might also want to allow fifteen minutes at the end for a debrief.


What size room is needed?

A clear space of six foot by six foot is a minimum for a team of six.  However, the bigger the space you can provide, the easier it will be for your team to stay organised and work together.  If you want to book a team race with two boxes then you will need a space big enough for both teams to work separately, without interference from each other.

Is this activity suitable for wheelchair users?


Can I take part whilst pregnant?


Is there a minimum age?

Some of the puzzles are of a complex nature, therefore we recommend participants for a standard game are at least eleven years old. We can provide easier version of all of our main games for teams comprised entirely of under fourteens.  In addition, the Biohazard game has a specially designed simplified version suitable for seven to eleven year olds.

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