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Schrödinger's Assistant - Main game

Nobel Prize winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger has gone away on holiday and left his, less-than-able, assistant in charge.  Whilst his mentor is away Albert has begun his own experiment.  Can you open the box and discover what Albert is up to?  

Options:  Secondary (11-14 years old), Standard (14+ years)  BOOK NOW

Enigma - Main game

During World War II Bletchley Park was the central site for Britain's code breakers.  Decades later a mysterious box has been found in a vault in the grounds of Bletchley Park.  What secrets have been hidden within?

Options:  Secondary (11-14 years old), Standard (14+ years) BOOK NOW


You have invite the National Office Regarding Research In Science to come and give a demonstration of their work, but things go badly wrong. Can your team break into the locked box and find the cure before its too late? 

Options:  Primary (7-11 years old), Secondary (11-14 years old), Standard (14+ years) BOOK NOW

Dice with Death - Multiple team game option available

In a casino, late at night, a group are playing a hand of poker. Suddenly the lights go out and a shot is fired. When the power goes back on, one of the players is discovered dead. The police have come to the crime scene and have collected the possessions of the remaining players, who are now suspects. You need to examine all the evidence and deduce 'who-dun-it' 

Options:  Standard (2-12 players, 14+ years), Multiple teams (13-36 players, 14+ years) BOOK NOW

Kidnapped - Mini-game

Your friend has been kidnapped and locked away in a derelict house. Their captor has offered you the chance to save your friend, but only if you can solve his dastardly puzzles within fifteen minutes.  The clock is ticking. BOOK NOW


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Dice with Death


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