“I've not played many problem solving games before, but I really enjoyed the Norris Box. It was a brilliant, fun evening with lots to laugh about but also a definite need to think, work together and listen to each other. Jane's friendly and professional approach meant it all ran smoothly. I'm really looking forward to trying Enigma next!”  

Karen Horwood, Senior University Lecturer

"Even for groups of a young age, the puzzle box could clearly show team dynamics, natural aptitudes and motivations and areas that a teacher or parent could focus on strengthening or developing.  Jane has innovatively adapted the internal puzzles to accommodate any age range, from adults to children.

Sue Zange, Escape Room Blogger (Escape and Conquer)

“I had a great time with friends solving the puzzles and keeping an eye on that timer. It goes so fast! I especially love the magnet part on Schrodinger's Assistant (you will know it when you see it). I hope other people have as much fun as we did.”  

Damien Raw, Compliance Officer

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