Norris Box is a mobile team building and communication exercise, allowing you to deliver a fun training activity without travel time and the associated costs.​  Teams have one hour to solve puzzles to unlock locks and ultimately open the box to achieve the scenario objective. Teamwork, organisation and communication are the key to success. Similar to the escape room craze that is sweeping the nation, Norris Box will have you on the edge of your seat trying to beat the clock and get on our leader board.

When you book Norris Box, we will travel to you, allowing you to organise a team building activity that will engage your students. Importantly, Norris Box won't break the bank either! Norris Box could help to improve student retention if used with a new intake of Freshers, or improve student experience and NSS scores.  It will also improve the employability of your students as it can provide students with a memorable experience that not only develops, but also demonstrates their ability to work as part of a team in an organised manner, under the pressure of a deadline.

Departments with  six or less students could book a Single Box Challenge and attempt to get on our leader board.  If you have more than six students then you could book a Team Race, with two teams of six (or less) competing head to head.  If you have more than twelve students then you could book Dice with Death and run a competition throughout the day, with up to six teams per session. You could use Norris Box as an ice breaker activity at the start of a course or as part of your final year programme of activities.  Norris Box could even become part of your interview process! Contact us by email or phone and we will develop a package that is suited to your unique needs.

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Norris Box

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